State Law demands one Formal Public meeting in November of every year to set the adgena of projects for the following year and to set the maintenance assessement Roles for the coming year.   

Commissioners will also advertise and hold a few meetings during the rest of the year based on the need to make project and budgetary decisions at Public Meetings.  There is frequent voice and electronic communications between the Commissioner to be updated on economics and projects approved at Public Meetings.  The minor communication does not allow decision making, only admistrative concensus to reach the goal adopted.  


 For the first time since the 1960's, Claypool is requesting the Court to raise the maximum Maintenance Acreage Fee Rate from $1.20 to $3.00.  Below is the legal document requesting this increase containing the legal and pertinent information.  It was published in the local papers on March 21 and 28 and mailed out to the People owning property on the Claypool Roles filed in December of 2020.







In the Matter of:                                  }


The Claypool Drainage and                }

Levee District                                     }




1.              On the 5th day of April, 2021, a Petition to Increase the Amount of the Maximum of the Annual Maintenance Assessment was fled in the Circuit Court for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Grundy County, Illinois, Judge Lance Peterson presiding.

2.              The name of the District affected by the Petition is the Claypool Drainage and Levee District.

3.              The commissioners of the District seek to increase the amount of the maximum annual maintenance assessment levy. Currently, property in the District is assessed at a maximum of $1.20 per acre, provided that every parcel in the District, regardless of size, is required to pay the greater of $10.00 or an amount equal to the amount of the maintenance assessment multiplied by the number of acres in the owner’s parcel. The current maximum annual maintenance assessment was approved by court order entered April 11, 1997. 

4.              The amount of the maximum per acre annual maintenance assessment proposed to be levied is $3.00 per acre.  The minimum amount per parcel shall be calculated at the rate of 8.79 multiplied by the acreage rate that is levied by the Commissioners ($0 to $3 per acre) rounded down to the nearest dollar. The monies raised will be utilized to perform annual maintenance work, to pay obligations incurred by the district for incidental expenses, current expenses, and obligations incurred in protecting the district, and for other lawful purposes.

5.              The Petition will be heard by Judge Lance R. Peterson or such other judge as may be sitting in his stead, at the Grundy County Courthouse, 111 E. Washington Street, upstairs courtroom, on June 16, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

6.              An annual maintenance assessment roll was filed with the Petition.

a.              The total amount of damages sought is: none;

b.              The total amount of compensation proposed is none;

c.              The total amount of maximum annual maintenance assessment is $255,773.94.


Robert Koerner, Joseph Brown and Terry Bitner, Commissioners of the Claypool Drainage and Levy District.


/s/ Charles L Schmidt


Law Office of Charles L. Schmidt, Ltd.

117 West Washington Street

Morris, Illinois  60450

(815) 942-0701






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